Research Group MicroEnergy Systems

Microenergy System Association

The Association of Microenergy Systems provides the interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary research focus of the same name with a defined organisational structure. The focus is on the promotion of qualification, networking and public relations. A particular focus is on scientific cooperation with private and public institutions in developing countries.

Members of the Board

M.Sc. Lia Strenge

PhD student in the second round of the doctoral program Microenergy Systems. 4th executive board member.

Aim of the Association

The association brings together actors from diverse fields of study and operates in the following spheres:

  • Networking and knowledge transfer
  • Publication of research results
  • Public relations
  • Securing external funding
  • Microenergy Systems Teaching

1. Creating and fostering a global scientific community for microenergy systems research

Considering the broad scope and diversity of research that exists worldwide on different aspects of microenergy systems, connecting individual scientists and research projects and building a scientific community that overcomes the typical disciplinary and implementability borders is key. The conference “Micro Perspectives on Decentralized Energy Supply” brings these groups of scientists regularly together, offering a forum for the presentation and discussion of research with researchers, experts and practitioners in the field.

2. Sharing Research Results

From bachelor’s theses on conference proceedings to scientific treatises, a plethora of research results on microenergy systems have been put on paper. The association aims to compile and archive research done on the topic of microenergy systems. An overview can be found under this link.(Work in Progress)

3. Increase the visibility of the topic

In the context of the current debate over energy access and the global energy transition, the concept of microenergy systems is especially relevant. It is the duty of the association to fuel this debate to increase the visibility and impact of the topic. Different facets of the microenergy system topic are discussed in public lectures and social gatherings. The association also appears at related public events.

4. Fundraising

The association supports fundraising activities to finance new research projects and its own activities. This includes the participation to call for proposals and the collection of donations. Donations to the association are tax-deductible under the German Law.

5. Microenergy Systems in Academic Teaching

Some members of the Microenergy Systems Research Group are involved in teaching, for example in the conception, organization and realization of energy entrepreneurship and rural electrification seminars for students of the international masters program Global Production Engineering at the TU Berlin or Energy Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries. Through their own contributions, the researchers integrated the theme of microenergy systems into courses, such as energy seminars, courses on sociological aspects of engineering careers and seminars on human, technical and environmental issues. These courses were received very positively by students, many of whom were motivated to write their bachelor’s, master’s or doctor’s theses on the topic of microenergy systems. The aim of the association is to specifically promote and reinforce academic activity and teaching on the topic of microenergy systems.