Research Group MicroEnergy Systems

Technical University Berlin:

Institute of Energy Engineering

Prof. Dr. George Tsatsaronis,
Technical University Berlin
Area of studies: Energy technology and environmental protection

Prof. Dr-Ing. Felix Ziegler,
Technical University Berlin,
Area of studies: Machinery and power plant engineering


Institute for Energy and Automatisation Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Strunz,
Technical University Berlin,
Area: Energy supply nets and Integration of Sustainable Energies

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Raisch,
Technical University Berlin,
Area of Study: Dynamics of complex technical systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Julia Kowal,
Technical University Berlin,
Area of Study: Electrical energy storage technology


Institute of Economics and Business Law

Prof Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen,
Technical University Berlin,
Area of Study: Economic and infrastructure policy



Institute for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel,
Technical University Berlin,
Area of studies: Environmental assessment and environmental planning


Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management

Prof. Dr. Günther Seliger,
Technical University Berlin,
Area of studies: Assembly Technik and Factory Management



Center for further acadmic education and cooperation

The graduate program as well as the further education programme for the doctoral candidates is located here, which was developed by Monika Rummler.

Sekr. FR 7 - 1
Franklinstr. 28 / 29
10587 Berlin 



Center for Technology and Society at the Technical University Berlin

The Postgraduate Program is located here.

Sekr. ER 2-2,
Hardenbergstr. 36A,
10623 Berlin