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Microenergy System Association

The Association of Microenergy Systems provides the interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary research focus of the same name with a defined organisational structure. more to: Microenergy System Association

Institutes at TU Berlin

Due to its interdisciplinarity, a wide range of TU Berlin institutes are involved in the Microenergy Research Group. The involved instutes span from various engineering departements to social, economic and jurisdical departements. more to: Institutes at TU Berlin


In 2001, at the Technische Universität Berlin Institute for Energy Technology, a team of young academics developed an ambitious research project to explore a seemingly simple question: How is it possible that in a country like Bangladesh solar photovoltaic systems are disseminated commercially in rural areas, whereas in Germany it is considered a mere fancy and expensive dream? more to: Background


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MicroEnergy Systems (WIP-MES)

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