Uniform Presentation of All Relevant Regulations for Degree Programs

Study and examination regulations, application and admission regulations

As part of the complete overhaul of the website, degree program regulations are now centrally filed and located on the TU Berlin website, optimizing the user experience. This includes both study and examination regulations (StuPO) as well as application and admission regulations (ZZO and ZO). The optimization process resulted in the following changes.

Location/findability on TU Berlin website

All study and examination regulations as of 2003 and their respective application and admission regulations are now located on the Examination Office website. There is now only one central and therefore unique filing location for all StuPo and ZZO/ZO within the University’s website. The redundant filing and presentation of regulations on other sites should thus be eliminated to improve navigation for target groups. If you wish to link to a StuPO/ZZO/ZO, you can do so by linking to the central StuPO/ZZO page of the Examination Office.

Consolidation of StuPO/ZZO and amendments

The StuPO and, if applicable, ZZO of a degree program (including any amendments) are summarized in a single consolidated PDF document, removing the need for separate ZZO/ZO files. The excerpts from the TU Berlin Official Gazette, in which the changes are recorded, are also included in this document.

Each consolidated document contains the reference information for its legally valid source (no./reference number of the Official Gazette(s) of TU Berlin).

The consolidated StuPOs also include the ZZO/ZO (and, if applicable, any amendments) for master’s programs. There are no longer separate ZZO/ZO files.

However, the consolidated StUPO/ZZO documents are not the so-called (unofficial) reading versions, in which all features of the Official Gazette have been removed. If necessary, the amending body (faculty, joint committee, central institute) can create reading versions and share these on their own websites.

Both the German and English-language study and examination regulations have been consolidated as described. If available, English-language study and examination regulations will be displayed on the English version of the above-mentioned page.

The Examination Office is not responsible for providing translations of the StuPO/ZZO/ZO. This continues to be the responsibility of the faculty offering the degree program or the respective central institute or joint committee.

Sustainability and quality assurance

The Examination Office is responsible for maintaining all of the changes listed above: Effective immediately, the Examination Office will integrate any further changes to regulations into the existing regulations and publish them promptly after approval by the necessary committees and official bodies (Executive Board, if applicable the Senate Chancellery).

Links to the StuPO/ZZO

Additionally, the central presentation of the study programs was also revised. Each degree program profile contains links to all valid StuPOs for that degree program. The links are automatically generated and do not need to be manually entered.

Degree program profiles in English will link to any existing English-language study and examination regulations as well as the German StuPO as this provides the valid legal basis.