Technische Universität Berlin

Staff Contact Details and Lists

Contact boxes

Staff contact details can be automatically exported from TU Berlin’s organization management (OM), eliminating the need to enter the information manually on the website. The exported data can be modified, offering you the flexibility to add, change, or hide certain data such as phone numbers, room numbers, etc.

You can also create new contact information that is not recorded in the OM. This may occur, for instance, when sharing the contact information of an external project partner or lecturer on the website.

It is also possible to publish the contact details for organizational units or institutions on a web page. This data, however, must still be manually entered in the TYPO3 content management system. It is not recorded in the University’s organization management.

Staff lists

In addition to sharing the contact details of an individual person or institution, you can publish entire staff lists. This function is also made possible by an interface with the OM, meaning all staff data are automatically exported from TU Berlin’s directory. When formatting the lists on the website, editors can choose which job groups (management, academic or scientific staff, etc.) and data should or should not be displayed.

Useful information: Organization Management or Department II – Human Resources and Legal Affairs is responsible for the quality of the data (accuracy and completeness). This is not in the remit of the web relaunch project team.