Technische Universität Berlin

Media Management

New software for managing digital assets

The media management software “eyebase” has been implemented as the foundation for all multimedia content supplementing the website with an appealing and informative design. TYPO3 users automatically receive access rights for working with eyebase together with their role as editor. It is not necessary to submit a special request for access.

However, eyebase can be used by all employees, independent of TYPO3 and the associated rights and roles.

Eyebase is essential for TYPO3 editors who wish to include digital // content (photos, moving images, audio, documents, etc.) on a web page in the new website as it is now the only way to important digital assets to TYPO3. In order to maintain optimal quality of integrated media, it is no longer possible to upload files to TYPO3.

Instructions detailing how to use the most important functions in eyebase will be made available in good time.

New: University-wide photo pool is now available

As part of the Webrelaunch-Project the Office of Communication, Events and Alumni is providing a pool of high-quality photos for websites, for print products, etc. The photos are accessible in eyebase: (login via your TU-Account). Within eyebase, you will find the photos in the folder "Medienpool Fotos" or its sub-folders. Please note the information on usage restrictions attached to the respective images.

If you want to use the images for your new TYPO3-website

  1. your unit needs to have a TYPO3 website in the new web construction kit of the TU Berlin and
  2. you need to have the application role titled "Medienverwalter".

Further information is available on the ZECM Website.