Technische Universität Berlin

Web Design

The new TU Berlin website has an attractive, clear and modern design. More space for content, a new typography, the ability to highlight content using color gradients and pictures, intuitive and clear navigation - all these updates make the new website attractive to visitors. The website display adjusts to the screen size of individual terminal devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. This responsive design makes the website both easy to read on any device and simple for anyone to access and navigate.

The changes made to the web design will also appear in condensed form in the University’s print design, which will also be updated. TU Berlin’s logo has already been thoughtfully adapted in the course of the new web design.

Setting highlights and accents

The TU Berlin website now features a variety of photos, photo galleries, moving images and animations, and graphics. These visual formats exemplify and illustrate the diversity at TU Berlin - providing the University with a strong identity while providing information and telling stories in a catchy and entertaining way.

The use of different color gradients allows more freedom when designing web pages with a certain color gradient assigned to the different types of University institutions. The gradient can be used to highlight content, drawing in the user’s eye.


Overview of color schemes:


The BLUE-GREEN color gradient is available to TU Berlin’s central institutions and can be used to make web content stand out.


All University institutions which belong to the central university administration, staff units, and committees are able to use the RED-PURPLE gradient.


Faculties, central institutes, institutes, and academic chairs have the option of using the BLUE-PURPLE color gradient.


The RED-ORANGE color gradient is only used on TU Berlin’s central pages and is not available to organizational units.

Uniformity and freedom: a design concept for all needs

The new web design offers more flexibility to institutions with greater organizational autonomy. These include, for instance, institutions cooperating with external partners where TU Berlin holds the lead role or is the speaker. Registered associations and parliamentary party lists are also included in these types of institutions. This freedom of design allows such institutions to place their own logo in the header and tailor the footer. Instead of color gradients, they can choose from 5 solid colors: blue, light blue, green, yellow, and orange.

Even greater design flexibility is offered to external cooperative institutions and organizational units, which possess a high degree of autonomy while remaining affiliated with TU Berlin and where the University does not serve as the lead or spokesperson. Such institutions can use the new TYPO3 web construction kit and the associated TU Berlin infrastructure and support services to create a more independent design. They also have the option of using a different logo and tailored footer and the free choice of a color scheme (via Hexcode). The slanted module banners and TU Berlin main menu are not a required part of the web construction kits for these associated institutions. Additionally, the URL is freely definable and not paired with