Questions, Suggestions, Requests about TYPO3 and CONGENO

If you have a question, suggestion, or request regarding TYPO3 or Congeno, please use the following contact information or our email form or call us.

For questions about studies, courses offered, student application and relevant documents, please contact the Student Information Service.
For questions concerning features within the TU-Portal, please contact the IT-Hotline of ZECM.

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Note: Please enter questions exclusively about the new TYPO3 editing environment or Congeno.

For all other questions, please contact the respective departments (links are provided above this form):
- Student Information Services for all matters concerning studies, including application and documents
- ZECM for all matters concerning IT services, including the TU Portal


Office hours & Support regarding TYPO3 and CONGENO

Monday 12:00-13:00Tel.: +49 30 314-20458
Wednesday 12:00-13:00Tel.: +49 30 314-20458
Friday 13:00-14:00Tel.: +49 30 314-20457

TYPO3 construction kit

In detailed, illustrated instructions, we explain how you define the layout for your page, create content elements and configure the respective options correctly. Third-party systems are also explained with their basic functions.
On the following website you will also find important information on guidelines and directives that you must observe when creating and editing your website.