Event Calendar with Option for Participant Management

New “Congeno” calendar software

The new TYPO3 web construction kit includes a new event calendar. Events are created in a separate software, Congeno, and imported to TYPO3 via an internal interface. One new feature is the ability to manage events requiring registration directly in Congeno.

Additionally, events released by other organizational units can be displayed. This allows, for instance, events organized by academic chairs to be shared on institute websites.

The calendar also provides several features for web page visitors. On the basis of a color coded system, visitors can see whether an event is part of an event series, takes place over multiple days, or is a one-off event. Events can also be filtered by their type, date, target group, and language.

Instructions detailing how to use the most important functions in Congeno are part of the TYPO3 handbook (only in German).

Good to know: Congeno can also be used independently of TYPO3. The prerequisite for this is that the role administrator in your institution has assigned you the applictaion role "Veranstalter" via the TU portal.

If you want to use Congeno in connection with your website, it makes sense for the role administrator (s) for your unit to use the business role template titled "Website Editor" for assigning roles. This means that not only are the TYPO3 editing rights granted for the TYPO3 web editorial team, but also the rights for Congeno and the Media management (eyebase) used to integrate media into the website

You can learn more about the roles and applications on the Campus Management (ZECM) website under "Role Concept".

Log-in Congeno via: https://events.tu-berlin.de/