Water Resources Management and Modeling of Hydrosystems



Abouelsaad, Omnia; Matta, Elena; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Evaluating the eutrophication risk of artificial lagoons–case study El Gouna, Egypt
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 195 (1) :172
December 2022
ISSN: 1573-2959
Sobhi Gollo, Vahid; Broecker, Tabea; Lewandowski, Jörg; Nützmann, Gunnar; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Flow and Transport Modeling in Heterogeneous Sediments Using an Integral Approach
Groundwater, n/a (n/a)
November 2022
Sobhi Gollo, Vahid; Broecker, Tabea; Marx, Christian; Lewandowski, Jörg; Nützmann, Gunnar; Hinkelmann, Reinhard; Gogoua, G.H.
A comparative study of integral and coupled approaches for modeling hydraulic exchange processes across a rippled streambed
GEM - International Journal on Geomathematics, 13 (1) :16
September 2022
ISSN: 1869-2680
[en] Marx, Christian; Tetzlaff, Dörthe; Hinkelmann, Reinhard; Soulsby, Chris
Seasonal variations in soil–plant interactions in contrasting urban green spaces: Insights from water stable isotopes
Journal of Hydrology, 612 :20
September 2022
ISSN: 00221694
Steffen, Lennart; Amann, Finn; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Performance Improvement Strategies for an FVM-based Shallow Water Flow Model on 2D Structured Grids
Page 3804-3815
Publisher: IAHR AIRH
June 2022
Steffen, Lennart; Tügel, Franziska; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
The Shallow Water Model Intercomparison Session: Hydroinformatics Modeling System (hms/hms++)
Page SS-225-SS-234
Publisher: IAHR AIRH
June 2022
Tügel, F.; Hadidi, A.; Özgen-Xian, I.; Hou, J.; Hinkelmann, R.
Validation of Flash Flood Simulations Using Satellite Images and Community-Based Observations—Impact of Infiltration and Small-Scale Topographical Features
Wadi Flash Floods
Publisher: Springer, Singapore
[en] Kuhlemann, Lena-Marie; Tetzlaff, Dörthe; Marx, Christian; Soulsby, Chris
The imprint of hydroclimate, urbanization and catchment connectivity on the stable isotope dynamics of a large river in Berlin, Germany
Journal of Hydrology, 613 :128335
ISSN: 0022-1694
Wang, Tian; Li, Jingsi; Hou, Jingming; Li, Peng; Cheng, Shengdong; Wang, Feng; Wang, Wen; Li, Zhanbin; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Establishment of a sediment transport capacity equation on loessal slope via experimental investigation
International Journal of Sediment Research
ISSN: 1001-6279
Abouelsaad, Omnia; Matta, Elena; Omar, Mohie; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Numerical simulation of Dissolved Oxygen as a water quality indicator in artificial lagoons–Case lagoons—Case​ study El Gouna, Egypt
Regional Studies in Marine Science, 56 :102697
ISSN: 2352-4855
Tügel, F.; Gogoua, G.H.; Gessessew, U.; Abdelrahman, A.; Hinkelmann, R.
Flash flood modeling in Africa in the view of climate change
Alumniseminar TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, 22. September 2022,
Gogoua, G.H.; Tügel, F.; Hinkelmann, R.
Extreme events runoff analysis for an ungauged catchment, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Alumniseminar TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, 22. September 2022: Towards climate change adaptation and resilience in the Global South,
Gillefalk, Mikael; Tetzlaff, Doerthe; Marx, Christian; Smith, Aaron; Meier, Fred; Hinkelmann, Reinhard; Soulsby, Chris
Estimates of water partitioning in complex urban landscapes with isotope-aided ecohydrological modelling
Hydrological Processes, 36 (3) :e14532
Tügel, F.; Hinkelmann, R.
Modellierung von Sturzfluten in ländlichen und urbanen Einzugsgebieten.
online presentation
January 2022


[en] Zounemat-Kermani, Mohammad; Alizamir, Meysam; Keshtegar, Behrooz; Batelaan, Okke; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Prediction of effluent arsenic concentration of wastewater treatment plants using machine learning and kriging-based models
Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. Int.
November 2021
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media LLC
Tügel, Franziska; Hassan, Aziz; Hou, Jingming; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Applicability of Literature Values for Green–Ampt Parameters to Account for Infiltration in Hydrodynamic Rainfall–Runoff Simulations in Ungauged Basins
Environmental Modeling & Assessment
August 2021
ISSN: 1573-2967
Zhang, Yangwei; Tügel, Franziska; Han, Hao; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Numerical investigation of the impact of roughness and infiltration in rainfall-runoff experiments
Page 164-165
Publisher: IAHR YPC
May 2021
Li, Bingyao; Hou, Jingming; Li, Donglai; Yang, Dong; Han, Hao; Bi, Xu; Wang, Xinghua; Hinkelmann, Reinhard; Xia, Junqiang
Application of LiDAR UAV for High-Resolution Flood Modelling
Water Resources Management
April 2021
ISSN: 1573-1650
Zounemat-Kermani, Mohammad; Alizamir, Meysam; Yaseen, Zaher Mundher; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Concrete corrosion in wastewater systems: Prediction and sensitivity analysis using advanced extreme learning machine
Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, 15 (2) :444-460
April 2021
ISSN: 2095-2449
Zounemat-Kermani, Mohammad; Mahdavi-Meymand, Amin; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Nature-inspired algorithms in sanitary engineering: modelling sediment transport in sewer pipes
Soft Computing
February 2021
ISSN: 1433-7479
Abouelsaad, O.; Matta, E.; Porst, G.; Omar, M.; Hinkelmann, R.
Hydrodynamic Response of El-Gouna Lagoons Considering Wind, Tide and Tracer
Page 295-296
Publisher: IAHR AIRH
February 2021
Hassan, A.; Tügel, F.; Molkenthin, F.; Hinkelmann, R.
Applying optimization algorithms to calibrate a shallow water model for rainfall-runoff simulations
Page 645-646
Publisher: IAHR AIRH
February 2021
Zounemat-Kermani, Mohammad; Ma, Yueling; Matta, Elena; Meißner, Dennis; Zhang, Qing; Truong, Tomy-Minh; Smogyvari, Mark Rudolf; Engelhardt, Irina; Sauter, Martin; Fiedler, Felix; Lucia, Sergio; Cominola, Andrea; Hinkelmann, Reinhard
Anwendungen von künstlichen neuronalen Netzen in der Wasserwirtschaft
Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft, 14 (77157) :82 - 86
February 2021
Publisher: DWA
Matta, E.; Zounemat-Kermani, M.; Cominola, A.; Hinkelmann, R.
Machine learning in the hydro-environment: A brief review of recent applications
Page 681-682
Publisher: IAHR AIRH
February 2021
Marx, C.; Soulsby, C.; Hinkelmann, R.; Tetzlaff, D.
Quantifizierung von Fließwegen und Alter von Wasser in urbanen Einzugsgebieten durch stabile Isotope
Tag der Hydrologie, Universität Potsdam, Aug. 2021, poster presentation

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