Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems

History of the Faculty

The history of mechanical engineering and transport systems at TU Berlin features renowned scientists such as Franz Reuleaux, Alois Riedler, Georg Schlesinger and Hermann Föttinger, all of whom helped shape our faculty today.

At the time of its founding in 1879, the Königlich Technische Hochschule zu Berlin (the forerunner of today’s Technische Universität Berlin) already conducted research into shipbuilding and marine engineering. From the mid-1930s, this was expanded to include aircraft construction and aeronautics. Many years after the founding of Technische Universität Berlin in 1946 and the numerous restructurings that followed, the Department of Transport Engineering and Applied Mechanics and the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology merged to create Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems with its seven institutes