Faculty V – Mechanical Engineering and Transport Systems

Humans in the Centre of Technical Systems

Autonomous driving, Industrialization 4.0, future Human-Machine Systems – Faculty V is committed to the development and optimization of technical systems for society’s needs now and in the future.
We offer our students a wide range of courses in four bachelor’s and 13 master’s programs and conduct basic and application-based research in over 500 projects. The topics we cover range from mechanical engineering systems and objects, planning, development and production processes through to human sciences. Currently, some 5,300 students study at our faculty. Approximately 850 students graduate each year from our bachelor’s and master’s programs, with a further 80 successfully completing a doctorate.

The needs and aspirations of society as well as individuals are the inspiration and aim of our research and teaching. These are the beliefs and goals underpinning our guiding principle: “Humans in the Centre of Technical Systems”.

The combination of mechanical engineering, transport engineering and psychology makes our faculty unique in Germany as a university-based, interdisciplinary engineering knowledge and research platform. The focus of our work are the development of future-oriented resource-saving products, production technology and process strategies. The identification of solutions for sustainable mobility and the careful and efficient use of resources, e.g. for energy and water supply, are of particular concern to us.

Our findings are used in areas such as conducting measurements on the International Space Station (ISS) and the production of globally unique, lifelike stage sets made of textiles.

Our researchers network closely with business and industry in Berlin-Brandenburg and are well connected both nationally and internationally. Researchers and students at our faculty work on an area of more than 16,000 square meters in modern laboratories, workshops and test halls: a range of flight simulators, a satellite mission control center, a test center for automotive research, the Production Technology Center and an energy laboratory are just some of our facilities.

Vier Studierende in einem Gruppengespräch. Auf dem Tisch finden sich verschiedene Objekte aus dem Bereich Maschinenbau © Ulrich Dahl

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