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The aim of the project "Mixing (Im)possible - Dispersion of Liquid/Liquid Systems" is to learn the basics of mixing and stirring technology. Influencing parameters and important characteristics in the field of stirring technology are to be worked out theoretically at first by a literature research. The knowledge gained will be deepened by experimental investigations. This should enable the participants to independently work on and solve a concrete problem in mixing technology. The production of a cream is considered as an example process. In small groups, the stirring devices to be used, power inputs and geometric ratios of the equipment to be used are selected. The relevant material properties of the raw materials to be used are to be measured in order to determine their influence on the final product. As part of the project, a one-day excursion to the Beiersdorf company in Berlin will be carried out. The results of the project week are summarized by the entire group in a presentation. In addition, a protocol is to be prepared.

Background of the project

Stirred systems are used in a variety of industrial fields, e.g. in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry. Two immiscible liquids, e.g. water and oil, are dispersed into each other by the energy input during stirring. The so-called disperse phase is present in the form of droplets in the second, continuous phase. The distribution of the droplets depends on the operating and material parameters. If the energy input is stopped, the two phases separate again. To counteract this and keep the dispersed systems stable, it is necessary to use emulsifiers, which attach themselves to the phase interface. A cream consists of water and oil and is stabilized as described by the addition of emulsifiers. The droplet size distribution and the phase ratio of oil to water significantly determine the quality of the end product.


LV number0320L001
Module number30060
ProjectMon, Jan 09 - Fri, Jan 13, 2023; M.Sc. Philipp Waldherr, M.Sc. Jan-Paul Ruiken
Cyclewinter semester
ExaminationPortfolio exam
Office hourby arrangement


Room MAR 2.052 / ACK Z 63
Office hourWednesday, 4 - 5 pm, MAR 2.052
Room MAR 2.051 / ACK Z 66
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