Chemical & Process Engineering

Lab course Energy, momentum and mass transfer II A for Chemical Engineers


The lab course for chemical engineers (B.Sc.) is part of the module Energy, Momentum and Mass Transport II A. It takes place in the summer and in the winter semester (with sufficient number of participants!) as a two-week compact practical course during the lecture-free period.


This lab course is exclusively for students of the study program Chemical Engineering.

The number of participants is limited.

Interested parties please register in the enrollment form on the ISIS page "Registration for participant-limited (lab) courses" of the department. Enrollment (incl. registration) is possible within the given deadline as long as there are still free places available.

All participants* must register for the overall EIS II A module after enrolling on MOSES (Link) in the timeframe specified there.

All relevant information and registration dates can be found in the ISIS course linked above.


  • Heat exchanger
  • Bernoulli experiment
  • Pressure loss in pipelines with flow
  • Determination of the mass transfer coefficient


LV number0331L039
Module number30836/30327
Lab courseMon, Mar 11 - Fri, Mar 22, 2024, full-day; Dr.-Ing. Jörn Villwock
CycleSummer semester and winter semester
ExaminationPortfolio exam
Office hourby arrangement

Contact (Organisation)

Room MAR 2.051 / ACK Z63
Room MAR 2.051 / ACK Z 66