Chemical & Process Engineering




The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8 students.

Interested students are asked to contact the contact person (see above) directly by email at the beginning of the semester. Ideally, they should already put together a possible group - 2-4 people, since both chemistry and chemical engineering students should participate; prerequisite: completed or advanced bachelor's degree.

If enough people are interested, a date for an introductory meeting will be set and the participants will be informed. This meeting usually takes place in mid-November.


The project involves the design and construction of a model vehicle driven by a chemical process, with which the participants will take part in the ChemCar competition at a ProcessNet meeting.
The team is made up of students of technical chemistry and energy and process engineering. The ChemCar project is supervised by a WiMi and the team is supported in building the model vehicle by our departmental workshop.


LV number0331L076
Module number30033/30388
Projectby arrangement; M.Sc. Jan-Paul Ruiken
CycleStart: Winter semester, End: Summer semester
ExaminationPortfolio exam
Office hourby arrangement


Room MAR 2.052 / ACK Z 63

ChemCar atProcessNet Jahrestagung

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