Chemical & Process Engineering

Computer based problem solving in process engineering


Many relationships in process engineering can only be described by nonlinear equations or differential equations and cannot be solved analytically or only with increased effort. Therefore, numerical approaches must be used to represent these relationships. The course teaches the basics of numerical methods using examples and applications from process engineering. This includes the solution of

  • nonlinear equations/systems of equations,
  • ordinary differential equations (initial value and boundary value problems) and
  • partial differential equations.

The same or similar methods are also used in commercial software and by implementing the solution algorithms independently, the problems and limitations of these methods can be understood and also recognized and better assigned in a later application (e.g. CFD). In the course we will work mainly with Python but also with Excel. Within the course, homework will be worked on, on the basis of which the grading will take place.


LV number0331L056
Module number30150
ExerciseMonday, 14-16 h, PC-Pool, Ackerstraße 76; Dipl.-Ing. Markus Kolano
Cyclesummer semester
ExaminationPortfolio exam
Office hourby arrangement