Chemical & Process Engineering

Process and system engineering (WiIng)


The module is a compulsory module for the Industrial Engineering and Management program (M.Sc., field of study: Chemical and Process Engineering).
It includes the complete planning of a concrete technical process in teamwork and a techno-economic evaluation.

The course includes the following topics:

  • Independent organization of the project processes by the team including time schedule, task distribution
  • Literature research, market analysis
  • Selection of process steps (basic operations)
  • Creation of flow diagrams
  • Dimensioning of individual plant components
  • Techno-economic evaluation
  • Cost estimation


LV number0331L080/081
Module number30426
Integrated courseMonday, 10-12 h, FH 303; Dr.-Ing. Lena Hohl
 Tuesday, 08-12 h, MAR 0.008; Dr.-Ing. Lena Hohl
CycleWinter semester
ExaminationPortfolio exam


Example: The process of brewing beer


Room ACK Z 64 / MAR 2.050
Office houron appointment

Example: Fluidized bed with Chemical Looping

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