Chemical & Process Engineering

Experimental investigations in lab and pilot scale

For applied and industrial research in the sectors:

  • chemical industry / petrochemistry
  • waste water management
  • biotechnology
  • energy industry
  • food technology
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • environmental technology

We provide the following services:

Application and adaptation of our measurement technology to your needs

  • Particle size distribution by means of endoscope technology,
  • Rheology by means of rotational viscometers,
  • performance characteristics by means of torque measurement, etc.

Execution of feasibility studies

  • e.g. in the field of wastewater treatment in the form of membrane screenings to solve separation problems (microfiltration to reverse osmosis)
  • piloting of membrane plants

Preliminary tests in laboratory- pilot plant scale

  • Fabrication of the appropriate apparatus and equipment on the desired scale
  • Analyses of your relevant process parameters in our chemical laboratory (ion chromatography, gas chromatography, HPLC, etc.)

Cooperations in the following research fields

  • Droplet size distributions in stirred liquid/liquid systems (extraction, bead polymerization, emulsification)
  • Transient mass transfer processes on moving single droplets (extraction, emulsification)
  • Fluid dynamics in stirred reactors (evaluation of mixing processes)
  • Standardization of stirrers and experimental conditions
  • Interaction between particles and turbulence (crystallization, precipitation)
  • Purification of industrial wastewater
  • Wastewater treatment in membrane bioreactor
  • Biological phosphorus elimination in membrane bioreactor
  • Fouling of membranes
  • Determination of kinetics in biological processes