Chemical & Process Engineering
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Welcome to the Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering!

Chemical and Process engineering deals with the technical and economic implementation of all processes in which substances are changed according to type, property and composition. It is therefore the engineering science of material transformation.

The research projects carried out at the department can be assigned to the following three subject groups:

  • Multiphase processes
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Technical processes

Important information:

Until further notice, only the compulsory courses (incl. EIS II practical course for chemical engineers) will be taught. All electives (lectures, practicals, etc.) will no longer be offered until further notice.


Ulla Herrndorf

MAR 2-1 / ACK 7
Marchstr. 23 / Ackerstr. 76
10587 Berlin / 13355 Berlin

MAR 2.054 / ACK 173

Phone: +49 30 314 23701 / 23777
Fax: +49 30 314 21134


Office hours Prof. Kraume

Lecture period:
Mo. 14 - 15 h
Room MAR 2.055

Semester break:
only on appointment

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Office hours Secretariat

Lecture period:
Mo. 9 - 13 h and by appointment
Room MAR 2.054 and ACK 173

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