I E - Academic Advising Service
I E - Academic Advising Service

Math before you start

Early Bird Math Course

Starts: 12 weeks before the lecture period starts, the in-class part lasts 9 weeks

In the Early Bird Math Course, you can take the math courses that engineers have to take in their first semester before your studies start. The contents, in-class hours, and examinations are the same as the corresponding courses during the lecture period. Participation is free, and the supervision by instructors is intensive in the Early Bird course.

Introductory Course in Mathematics

Starts: 5 weeks before the lecture period begins, the in-class part lasts 4 weeks

Before each semester, introductory math courses are offered to help new students overcome difficulties that often arise when coming from school to university.

Online Math Bridging Course

Starts: Any time

The Online Math Bridging Course can be taken at any time, independently of the in-class course or parallel to it. The contents of the courses are coordinated. Ideally, you will attend the classroom sessions and then work through the contents again on your own using the online course.

Math 4 Refugees

Starts: Any time

The online prep course Math 4 Refugees serves to prepare prospective students for university studies and helps check the status of their knowledge in math. The course covers school material from calculus to geometry that is necessary for studying at a German university.

Math 4 Refugees is free of charge and can be started at any time - you do not need to register. Besides extensive study material, the course includes tests for self-assessments and many learning videos and interactive problems. It is available in German and English.