I E - Academic Advising Service
I E - Academic Advising Service


TU Berlin's Academic Advising Service provides you with information and guidance online. Videos, online events and info talks help you orient, support your study decision and accompany you during your studies.

We are continuously adding new offers and contents, so make sure to browse by again during the coming weeks! 

If contents you are interested in are offerend in German or you have questions and want to get in touch with us, drop into our open office hours on zoom.
Or send us an e-mail: studienberatung(at)tu-berlin.de. We all speak English and individually cover languages like Arabic, French, Russian or Turkish. Please give us a brief description of your request and if we need to talk, please submit your times of availability (UTC+2) so we can arrange a web meeting. 

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Coping with studies at home

Advice for moments of loneliness, exam nerves or when daily life gets too much from TU Berlin's Psychological Counseling

Orienting and Deciding for Prospective Students


Academic Advising Service


Advising session via Zoom:Tue 10:00-12:00, Thu 14:00-16:00
Additional advising sessions:by appointment via e-mail