I A - Office of Student Affairs

Updating Personal Information

Has your address or other personal information changed, for example because you moved or married and changed your name? Do you have a new health insurer? Be sure to inform us of such changes in good time.

TU Berlin students can easily update their address or phone number themselves in their TUB account (tuPORT). Just log in on our homepage to be taken to your personal account. You will need a TAN (iTAN, mTAN or TOTP) to log in. Have a look at the video tutorial.

If you are not yet enrolled (e.g. applicant) or do not yet have access to tuPORT, you can request a change in writing. Requests can either be submitted via contact form. Unfortunately, requests made by phone cannot be accepted. Please note: Your change request must include your name, matriculation or applicant number, and wet signature.

If you are requesting to change your name or nationality or your health insurance, you must give us the information in the App "Meine Anträge" in tuPORT and upload the official supporting documents as well. Information how to receive a new student ID is available here.

If your health insurance status has changed, please check this website.



Organization name Office of Student Affairs
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