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Admission Requirements for Master’s Studies

Before applying to a master’s program at Technische Universität Berlin, be sure to carefully read all the information about the admission requirements for your chosen degree program.

General Admission Requirements

In order to take up or continue a master’s degree program, you need a first university degree, such as a bachelor’s degree. There may be special rules if you apply with another degree or a degree from a university outside Germany. You can learn more about these general admission requirements here.

Subject-Specific Admission Requirements

There are subject-specific admission requirements for each master’s program. As a rule, you must submit proof of a bachelor’s degree in the same or a related subject. However, some degree programs have further requirements, such as an internship. These requirements are part of the admission regulations. As these subject-specific requirements are determined individually for each degree program, you must inform yourself in advance of the admission regulations for your chosen degree program

Language skills

You must provide proof of German language skills when applying to a German-language degree program. Some master’s programs additionally require foreign language skills. You must thus provide the relevant proof if applying for such a degree program. This also applies in part to German-language degree programs in which only some courses are offered in another language, such as English.