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Email inquiries

On the following website, the Student Info Services of the Office of Student Affairs with the Admission teams from Bachelor National, Bachelor International and Master will answer your questions via contact form about the following topics:

Virtual office hours

On the following website, the Student Info Services of the Office of Student Affairs will answer your questions with the Admission teams from Bachelor National, Bachelor International and Master will answer your questions on the above-mentioned topics in the virtual Zoom office hours.


Face-to-face office hours

Here you can find further information about our face-to-face office hours where the Admission teams from Bachelor and Master will be pleased to advise you.

Adaption of the of regular study period/ Will summer semester count as a degree semester?

To mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on your studies, the Berlin House of Representatives has decided that standard periods of study will be extended by one semester for all students enrolled for summer semester 2020, winter semester 2020/2021, summer semester 2021 and winter semester 2021/2022 and who did not take a semester’s leave.

A certificate about the change of the regular study period due to the Covid 19 pandemic you can find in tuPORT.

You can present this together with your current enrollment certificate if required to provide proof to official offices that your standard period of study has not yet expired.


Application for the international admission-restricted Master's degree: technical failure at uni-assist

Due to a technical malfunction on 15.05.2022 at uni-assist e.V., the application deadline ONLY for international Master's programmes with restricted admission has been extended until 17.05.2022.

This only applies to applications via uni-assist and only for English-language Master's programmes with restricted admission.

Picking up the vaccine sticker

Vaccination stickers for the summer semester 2022 are not currently needed. The announced distribution of vaccination stickers will not take place.

Depending on the pandemic situation and changes in the legal basis, this may still change. If there are any changes, we will inform you here.


I have problems with my enrollment.

Have you used an incorrect purpose for the paymant?

Please write us an e-mail with the correct data and the one you used incorrectly. We will then forward your request to the accounting department. Please note that manual correction takes time and we cannot say how long it will take in your case. Please use the keyword "Überweisungsfehler" in your mail.

You have transferred too little?

Please transfer the missing amount as soon as possible. The payment will take at least 3-4 days to be seen as "fulfilled" in your portal, even with a real-time transfer. When your payment is received, the amount in your payment summary will initially be 0.00. However, it may take one to two days for the status in "Enrollment and Re-enrollment" in your portal to change to "fulfilled" as well. Only when this is the case will you also find your enrollment certificate in "Bescheide und Bescheinigungen" in your tuPORT. Please note that if you pay too late, you will have to add a late fee, which will increase the amount by €19.94.
If payment has been received too late or documents have not been uploaded in time, it is possible that you will be exmatriculated ex officio.

login problems with the password

If you are unable to log into your tuPORT due to problems with your password, please change the password as explained on the following page: https://www.tu.berlin/go1043/n5505/.

If you still have problems doing so, please contact the Zentraleinrichtung Campusmanagement (ZECM).

Student ID and Temporary transportation pass

Please check this website for further information about the student ID.

Temporary transportation pass

If your student ID incl. the VBB ticket ABC did not arrived by post by the start of summer semester 2022 (start of your ticket's validity), you have the option of a temporary transportation pass. As soon as you are registered, you can generate the temporary transportation pass in tuPORT.

Please print out the form for the temporary transportation pass (Vorläufige Fahrtberechtigung) in tuPORT. In order for the form to be valid, you require an additional sticker. You must collect this sticker from the University.


The sticker can be collected until 31. May 2022 to the times of the Face-to-face office hours in Campus Center.


Don't forget to bring your printed temporary transportation pass on the day of your appointment.

The temporary transportation pass is only valid from 01.04.2022 and for four weeks from the date of issue.

BACHELOR: Status of enrolment for the summer semester 2022

The team of Student Affairs is currently examining the numerous applications for enrolment in Bachelor's degree programs.

The enrolments are processed chronologically according to the date of receipt. The date of receipt is the date when the enrolment form has been uploaded to the TUB account (tuPORT) AND the semester fees has been booked to the TU Berlin bank account.
Please note that uploading the enrolment application OR booking the payment after the enrolment deadline will result in rejection.

If you have been requested to submit additional documents, the above-mentioned date of receipt will be different. You will then get informed by E-Mail from us.

Applications are reviewed on a daily basis. There are no outstanding processing backlogs.

MASTER: Status of enrolment for the summer semester 2022

Enrollments are processed according to the date of receipt.
We have processed all complete enrollments to a consecutive MASTER'S program with the current receipt date.

The date of receipt is the date when all documents have been completely uploaded AND the semester fee has been tranferred to the bank account of TU Berlin.
We kindly ask you to refrain from further inquiries regarding your enrollment if you have uploaded all required documents after the above mentioned date of receipt. Depending on the volume of applications, it may take several days to process all applications for a given date of receipt. If you have been requested to submit additional documents, the above-mentioned date of receipt will be different.

Status of application for the winter semester 2021/2022

Status of application for a master's program here.

Status of application for a bachelor's program national (prospective students with a German higher education entrance qualification) here.

Status of application for a bachelor's program international (prospective students with an international higher education entrance qualification)  here.

Once you received an admission for a program at TU Berlin, we will give you access to your personal TUB account (tuPORT) for the enrollment. There you upload all required documents for enrollment. Please note that you have to upload all required documents and transferre the semester fee until the enrollment deadline. It will take some time to process the documents, so documents may be rejected after the deadline. Therefore, you are not fully enrolled by the deadline, but when all documents have been reviewed and approved. Therefore, please check your tuPORT for changes daily until you are successfully enrolled.

If all documents in the corresponding degree program have been fulfilled in the "Enrollment and Re-enrollment" app, you can download in tuPORT a certificate of enrollment. Please note that you have to set the filters first. You can find out how to do this here.

Application for recognition of previously obtained credits (for the purpose of applying and enrolling)

Please send your Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits  (Part A) together with all necessary documents in electronic form (by email) to the relevant examination board. The board will then make its decision and communicate this to you digitally. You can then upload this via tuPORT. If the document is not stamped by the examination board, please also upload the letter (email) from the examination board.

You can find further information regarding the recognition of credits here.

Visiting students (Nebenhörerschaft)

All essential information concerning visiting students can be found here.

Guest auditors (Gasthörerschaft)

All essential information concerning guest auditors can be found here.

Changing from a bachelor's to a master's program

You can find details regarding current goodwill arrangements for students who, due to circumstances beyond their control, were unable to provide proof of successful completion of their bachelor’s degree by the end of winter semester 2021/2022 here.

Certification of documents

You can obtain officially certified copies of documents issued by TU Berlin from the Office of Student Affairs. Transcripts and degree certificates from TU Berlin can be submitted for certification to the  Examination Office. Please send the original documents, application for certification, as well as proof of payment by post or email to the relevant exam team.


Selection cut-off criteria

You can find an overview of updated past selection cut-off criteria here.

Contact form, office hours and how to contact the Office of Student Affairs

Due to current circumstances, face-to-face office hours are canceled until further notice. However, we are still available to help you.

Please refer to our website for general information relating to applications, admission, enrollment and other administrative aspects.

If you have a question relating to your personal situation which is not covered by our website, please write us via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also contact us by telephone.

Certification of documents of TU Berlin documents

Here you can find information about the topic Official Certification of documents from TU Berlin and here you can find information about the topic Certification of official documents for abroad (apostille and legalization).

Contact & Office hours

If you would like to get general information about application, admission, enrollment or student administration, please use our websites first.

If you have an individual request that cannot be answered by our websites, then send us your questions and concerns via our contact form and we will answer them as soon as possible. Alternatively, we can be reached via Zoom and during face-to-face office hours at the Campus Center.