I A - Office of Student Affairs
I A - Office of Student Affairs

Current information from the Office of Student Affairs

Email inquiries

You can contact us by email at telefonservice(at)tu-berlin.de.

PLEASE NOTE: We receive a lot of e-mails at the moment. Therefore, longer waiting times might occur. We kindly ask you to have some patience and apologize for the inconvenience. However, we respond to every e-mail we receive. If you have additional questions regarding an e-mail you have sent us, please respond to the auto-reply which you have received. It will be easier for us to match your requests then, and you will receive an answer more quickly.

Please note that it is not possible to answer individual questions about your account, as TU Berlin still does not have access to the SAP systems for managing student data following the IT attack. We recommend you read the FAQ – Organization of studies carefully to see if your question is answered there.

Please contact the Campus Management hotline for all questions relating to IT services, such as resetting passwords and using the University’s temporary emergency email system.

Virtual office hours

Student Info Services offers virtual office hours via Zoom at the following times:

  • Mon, Tue, Thu 10-12:00

Please follow this link to access the virtual office hours: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/65151350948?pwd=Y0VyVVVEaTdXTWxyRUpFQ2pxcDV6Zz09

We will individually invite you to a preliminary meeting room from this online waiting room. In the preliminary room, you will be greeted by a moderator who will briefly discuss your concern with you before sending you to a further room to speak with an advisor if needed.

There may be short waiting times in case of high demand, both in the waiting room and in the preliminary room. We will do our best to keep the waiting time as short as possible.

Temporary transportation pass

For new students of summer semester 2021 who did not received their student ID with the semesterticket: please take an original enrollment certificate* of summer semester 2021 in conjunction with your identity card/passport for using public transportation. This is valid for a limited period until April 30, 2021.

ATTENTION: It is only valid for applicants of summer semester 2021 who are already enrolled. If you have not been enrolled, you are not allowed to use the public transportation without buying an additional ticket.


VBB semester tickets for the winter semester 2020/21 that expired on March 31, 2021: please take your expired semesterticket (student ID) in conjunction with your original enrollment certificate* of summer semester 2021 for using public transportation. This is valid for a limited period until April 30, 2021. (It is valid for the additional ticket to the Semesteticket Berlin as well.)

ATTENTION: It is only valid for students who have already re-registered for the summer semester 2021. If you have not been re-registered you are not allowed to use the public transportation without buying an additional ticket.


You can find the enrollment certificate by using our tuPORT-portal within "Notices and Certificates". Further information you can find here.

* original enrollment certificate: original physical certificate or printout of an original digital certificate on white paper in original size.

Status of application for the winter semester 2021/2022

We are unable to provide any information before the application deadlines. Further information on the WS21/22 procedure can be expected afterwards.

Request for goodwill: Revocation of exmatriculation ex officio as a result of failing to re-register for summer semester 2021

Due to the ongoing impact of the IT attack, it is currently not possible to submit a request cancelling termination of enrollment (“Bitte um Kulanz” form). The deadline for submitting requests will be extended accordingly as soon as we have access to our systems.

Adjustments to standard periods of study / Will summer semester count as a degree semester?

To mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on your studies, the Berlin House of Representatives has decided that standard periods of study will be extended by one semester for all students enrolled for summer semester 2020 and who did not take a semester’s leave.

A document with details of your new standard period of study is available for you now in tuPORT. You can present this together with your current enrollment certificate if required to provide proof to official offices that your standard period of study has not yet expired.

You can find this document in the application “Notices and Certificates”. To access the document, select summer semester 2020 or winter semester 2020/21.

This regulation is continued for summer semester 2021 as well. You will be able to download the documents shortly.

You can find a video tutorial about downloading documents in tuPORT here.

Extension to deadlines for applications for part-time study

Due to the current situation, the deadline for applying for part-time study in winter semester 2020/21 has been extended. The deadline is now 30.11.2020.

You can find further information about applying here.

Application for recognition of previously obtained credits (for the purpose of applying and enrolling and for changing degree program)

Please send your Application for Recognition of Previously Obtained Credits  (Part A) together with all necessary documents in electronic form (by email) to the relevant examination board. The board will then make its decision and communicate this to you digitally. You can then upload this via tuPORT. If the document is not stamped by the examination board, please also upload the letter (email) from the examination board.

You can find further information regarding the recognition of credits here.

Visiting students (Nebenhörerschaft)

Further information can be found here.

Guest auditors (Gasthörerschaft)

If you would like to attend classes as a guest auditor, please complete the application for guest auditors and send this by email to the instructor of the class you wish to attend requesting their agreement. Once you have obtained agreement, you should send this together with your application to the dean’s office of the relevant faculty for their approval. You can find contact details below. Then contact your instructor again by email with the dean’s approval so you can be officially admitted to the (online) course. You are not currently required to provide proof of payment of the fee for guest auditors.

Please note that guest auditors do not have student status and are not permitted to take exams.

Please check directly with the program coordinators for In(2)TU Berlin (course for refugee guest auditors) and Studieren ab 16 regarding attending these programs.

Changing from a bachelor's to a master's program

You can find details regarding current goodwill arrangements for students who, due to circumstances beyond their control, were unable to provide proof of successful completion of their bachelor’s degree by the end of summer semester 2021 here.

Certification of documents

You can obtain officially certified copies of documents issued by TU Berlin from the Office of Student Affairs. Transcripts and degree certificates from TU Berlin can be submitted for certification to the  Examination Office. Please send the original documents, application for certification, as well as proof of payment by post or email to the relevant exam team.


Selection cut-off criteria

You can find an overview of updated past selection cut-off criteria here.

Office hours and how to contact the Office of Student Affairs

Due to current circumstances, face-to-face office hours are canceled until further notice. However, we are still available to help you.

Please refer to our website for general information relating to applications, admission, enrollment and other administrative aspects.

If you have a question relating to your personal situation which is not covered by our website, please write us via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also contact us by telephone.