Centre for Entrepreneurship
Centre for Entrepreneurship

Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management


Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer

Head of Department for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Founder/Academic Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE)

Research: Human side of sustainable innovation / Research analytics

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Malte Hager

Coordinator Ventur Campus

Research: Organizational Strategies for the Circular Economy

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Dr. Lubna Rashid

Research: Entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in response to grand societal challenges; health, biology and entrepreneurship

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Gunter Festel

Honorary Professor for Hightech & Life Science Entrepreneurship

Research: Early-stage Investments, Founding Angels, Corporate Spin-offs

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Korapin Jirapong

Research: Co-creation in Social Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Laura von Arnim

Coordinator EIT Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Research: International Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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Marc Karahan

Research: Sustainability-driven Academic Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation & Technology Transfer

Ines Wolf

Coordinator IMES Double Master Program (on leave)

Research: Social Entrepreneurship and Value Creation

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Karina Cagarman

Coordinator "Design your Happy Life" & "Entrepreneurial Wellbeing"

Research: Entrepreneurial Well-Being and Mental Health

Nicolas Noak

Coordinator "Venture Campus" & "Entrepreneurial Well-Being"

Research: Entrepreneurial Wellbeing and Mental Health, Behavior and Decision-Making in Entrepreneurship

Paul Wolf

Coordinator IMES Double Master Program

Research: Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy, Social Movement

Student Assistants

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Anton Schneider

Student Assistant
IMES Current Student & Applicant Support

Visiting Lecturers

Former Employees

Dr. Natalia Strobel
Dr. Maren Borkert
Julian Alexandrakis
Evelyn Baakes
Dr. Henrike Weber
Peter Cassiers
Marvin Kant