V B - Doctoral and Postdoctoral Services TU-DOC
V B - Doctoral and Postdoctoral Services TU-DOC

Advancement of Junior Scholars

The options for pursuing a successful academic career at Technische Universität Berlin, including pre-university programs for inquiring young minds, degree programs, doctoral programs and postdoc work, provide an effective incentive for attracting new talent. Maximizing diversity has an important role to play in this process. With regard to doctoral studies, this includes the option to complete a dissertation within an academic chair, cooperative forms of supervision as well as the opportunity to complete external dissertations in collaboration with commercial organizations. For the postdoc phase, the focus is on projects, junior research groups, and junior professorships.

The advancement of outstanding junior scholars is also aided by a targeted flexibilization of the professorial system. Our goal by 2020 is to offer 10% of current W3 professorships (the highest paid category of professorships established in the University's budget) for an initial restricted period of six years as W1 or W2 professorships, thus enabling these positions to also be offered as junior professorships. A new Tenure Track procedure will then allow select junior professors to advance to the next level at Technische Universität Berlin. This concept is intended to enable the University to advance outstanding junior scholars and strengthen their commitment to a future at Technische Universität Berlin, while at the same time developing promising new areas of research.

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Training the mindSET: Training week

15-19 June 2020

Modern research is affected by a number of ethical issues in many situations. This course will name the relevant situations, show how to identify ethical issues and provide the participants with assessment criteria, strategies and academic guidelines to overcome pitfalls that arise in academia.

Training the mindSET

Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 June 2020, two full days (9am-4pm).

This 1ECTS course has two main ambitions: To provide introduction to scientific writing in the STEM disciplines, and to help you make concrete progress on your scientific research paper.
Writing is a dynamic and complex process, and very individual. There are many ways to get to the finished product. Depending on their writing style and experience,...

Homeoffice in Corona-Zeiten: Innovationserlebnis mit Krisentelefon? German only

Mo. 22.06.2020 von 17:00 bis 18:30 Uhr

Wie schätzen die Menschen, die unter diesen ungewöhnlichen Bedingungen im Homeoffice arbeiten die Chancen und Risiken ein? Wo gibt es Unterschiede zu Belastungen und Verbesserungen im Vergleich zu Homeoffice in „normalen“ Zeiten? Was bewährt sich derzeit und wo besteht dringender Handlungsbedarf? Drei kurze Inputs sollen erste Antworten bieten und...

Set your Anchor – Writing a doctoral thesis in challenging times

This online workshop supports doctoral students by strengthening their resilience and thus their own inner stability.

Starts 8 June 2020.

Publish or Perish!? Wissenschaftliches Publizieren für Promovierende

Die Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin lädt zu einer achtteiligen Reihe von Webinaren zum wissenschaftlichen Publizieren für Promovierende ein. Beginn 2. Juni 2020. German only.

Neben allgemeinen Aspekten des konventionellen wie auch des Open Access-Veröffentlichens sollen in diesem Zusammenhang u.a. Strategien zur Akquise von Druckkostenzuschüssen, zur Gestaltung von Verlagsverträgen, zur Klärung von Bildrechten sowie zum Management von Forschungsdaten thematisiert werden. Beginn am 2. Juni 2020. German only

Out now! European Core Curriculum in Transferable Skills for SET Disciplines

We are excited to share the mindSET European Core Curriculum in Transferable Skills for SET Disciplines.

Out now: ZEIT Campus-Guide "Promotion"

How can you plan and maybe even enjoy your doctoral studies? The ZEIT-Guide provides answers to these questions available (only in german).



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