I B - Examination Office
I B - Examination Office

Register for and de-register from exams

You must first register for any exams you wish to take. If you take an exam  without registering,  you will not receive credit for the exam.

Examination regulations

Different regulations apply depending on the degree program and type of assessment or examination. You can find the rules that apply to you in the General Study and Examination Regulations of TU Berlin (AllgStuPo) as well as in your degree program’s study and examination regulations.

The General Study and Examination Regulations of TU Berlin contain comprehensive rules about organizing your studies and exams. These rules have precedence over the specific study and examination regulations of the degree programs. The specific regulations contain rules and information about the type of examinations, their scope, and examination registration.

Before your first exam

When you begin your studies, you must submit the  Declaration on Commencing Studies before taking your first exam. Sign the declaration and mail it together with a copy of your ID or passport to your examination team or place the documents in your team’s mailbox.

Current information

Information regarding regulations for examinations for which a fail is not counted as an attempt (Freiversuch)

Information regarding regulations for examinations for which a fail is not counted as an attempt (Freiversuch)

The state of Berlin and the Academic Senate of TU Berlin have adopted regulations for examinations for which a fail is not counted as an attempt (Freiversuch) for summer semester 2020 as well as the following winter semester. These regulations become effective with their publication in the law and ordinance gazette (Gestz- und Verordnungsblatt) of the state of Berlin. You will be informed of this shortly thereafter via this website.

The Examination Office is currently preparing to implement these regulations. Students will not be required to apply to have their grades discounted.

Priority is given to student accounts where a grade of 5.0 was awarded for the third attempt in summer semester 2020, meaning that the student is faced with exmatriculation. All known cases as of today (22.9.2020) have already been processed and the those affected informed. Further cases will be automatically processed as soon as examiners submit their grades to the Examination Office.

Thereafter, first and second unsuccessful attempts for summer semester 2020 will also be processed (automatically and without request), meaning that these failed examinations will also not be counted as attempts.  It still needs to be determined if the regulations will also apply to special cases, such as two failed attempts for an examination in summer semester 2020, failed final theses, or where a grade of 5.0 has been awarded as a result of cheating.

The deadline for taking an exam due to failed first or second repeat examinations in summer semester 2020 has been extended until 30.9.2021. There are currently no active deadlines for examinations failed at the first attempt.

Please be aware that this process requires time-consuming manual booking, which we first need to organize. It will therefore not be possible to implement everything in the near future. We will keep you updated here concerning developments, including how and whether the regulations regarding failed attempts apply to the special cases referred to above for ongoing examinations. We recommend you to visit our website regularly to find out about updates as well as check your QISPOS account or your SAP account (students in Physics and Historical Urban Studies programs).

We kindly request you not to make inquiries. Thank you!

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Register for and de-register from module exams

A degree program is composed of modules which you complete by taking module exams. Module exams can take different forms, e.g. written or oral, and consist of various examination elements. You must register for each exam before taking it. Important: Registration for a course is not the same as registration for a module exam.

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Register and apply for an extension for a final thesis and more

Do you want to register a final thesis? Then the study and examination regulations for your degree program apply. Please be sure to adhere to the requirements laid down in the regulations and inform yourself of these in good time - before you begin your thesis. There are also general rules regarding the thesis processing period and submission procedure that you must observe.

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Examinations during special life situations

If you are in a particular life situation, certain regulations may apply to you. Special life situations include, for example, a leave of absence, exmatriculation, or entitlement to compensation for disadvantages if you are pregnant, caring for a child, or due to reasons of health. Detailed information can be found on the following page.

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Study and examination regulations

There are study and examination regulations for every degree program at TU Berlin. You can find the current version of these regulations for each degree program on the following pages. Versions of regulations for previous student cohorts (which are still valid for students who studied or are currently studying) are also listed here.