I A - Office of Student Affairs
I A - Office of Student Affairs

Numerus Clausus

Many degree programs at Technische Universität Berlin have a limited number of places. This is often referred to as Numerus Clausus (NC). Places for these programs are awarded on the basis of specific criteria and selection procedures.

In selection procedures for bachelor´s programs with a limited number of places, the majority of places will be awarded equally on the basis of a ranking determined by (Abitur) grades, and the waiting time (number of semesters between obtaining a university entrance qualification and commencing studies at university). There is a reserved number of places (quotas) for some applicant categories. These include applicants for second degree programs, applicants qualifying for special consideration and applicants from outside Europe.

For master´s programs, places are awarded on the basis of the result of a previous selection procedure (points) and the waiting time (number of semesters of non-enrollment at a university between obtaining the qualifications required for admission to a master´s program and the commencement of the master´s program in which the applicant wishes to study). Only applicants meeting the formal requirements and subject-specific admission requirements will be considered.

The past selection cut-off criteria (see below) provide you with a good idea of the average grade (Abitur)/points score and waiting time required to gain a place in restricted admission programs in past semesters.

Find out about admission restrictions and admission requirements before applying. They can vary greatly from degree program to degree program. The same applies to deadlines and dates. There are always set deadlines for applying and enrolling. These, too, can vary according to the degree program.