I A - Office of Student Affairs
I A - Office of Student Affairs

Auditing Students/Visiting Students

Auditing students

As an auditing student, you can attend individual courses without being enrolled at TU Berlin if the instructor and the responsible faculty have approved your participation in advance.

Admission is only granted for the course in the respective semester. A course may not exceed a total of six hours per semester week.

You may only attend courses with special admission if your participation does not exclude students or visiting students.

When and how do I request to audit classes?

You can request to audit classes in person at the Campus Center during the lecture period. You require the completed Antrag auf Gasthörerschaft signed by the lecturer and relevant dean’s office. Please bring both the original and a copy together with original proof of payment for the courses.

Once your application is approved, you are authorized to audit the courses listed in your application. Your application is also marked as approved so that you can present it as proof if necessary.

How much does auditing a course cost?

You pay 15 euros for each course hour per week. You should therefore check the course catalogue to see how many hours your course has.

Secondary school students in grades 10, 11, 12, and 13 and members of TU Berlin are exempt from paying the auditing fee.

Participants of the four-semester continuing education program “Berlin Model: Education for Post-Professional Activities – BANA" pay 60 euros for each semester. Before you can request to audit, you must first register with the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK).

Auditors are also permitted to take courses offered by the Center for Modern Languages (ZEMS). Please refer to the ZEMS fee ordinance to learn about the required fees.

If you would like to audit a course as part of a continuing education program, please pay the fees as stipulated in the fee ordinance for participation in these continuing education programs.

Auditing students and exams

You are not permitted to take exams as an auditor. However, you will receive proof of participation and proof of any credits acquired.

You can find additional information on auditing in TU Berlin’s General Study and Examination Regulations (Section 26).

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Visiting students

If you are enrolled at another university, you can attend individual courses at TU Berlin as a visiting student. Being a visiting student does not make you a member of TU Berlin, however, and you will not be enrolled at the University. Your attendance may not exclude TU Berlin students from participating in the course. Therefore, you must obtain the instructor’s approval before you can participate. This approval is only valid for courses during the relevant semester.

Information about the application for summer semester 2021 is available here.