I A - Office of Student Affairs
I A - Office of Student Affairs

Applying and Enrolling for a Master’s Program Without a Completed Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s enrollment under reserve of revocation

The following regulation helps expedite the transition from a bachelor’s program to a master’s program at TU Berlin. Applicants are expected to acquire their first university degree before taking up master’s studies and provide proof of their degree certificate within the first degree semester of their master’s program (Section 10 (5a) sentence 1 BerlHG).

If you are applying for a master’s program and are not able to submit proof of your first university degree by the application deadline but will complete your bachelor’s degree shortly, you have the following option:

As an alternative, you can have a certificate issued from the responsible office at your university and submit this. This certificate must meet the requirements of TU Berlin. If it fails to do so, your application will not fulfill the general admission requirements and will be rejected (pursuant to Section 9 (1) of the University’s bylaws concerning the selection process for degree programs with restricted admission (AuswahlSa).

Detailed information regarding ECTS certificates is available on the following web page.

Should you be admitted to a program, enrollment is provisional (i.e. under reserve of revocation). This means you are required to submit proof of your bachelor’s degree within the first degree semester (by the end of the semester). Please remember to nevertheless transfer the semester fee within the re-registration deadline. If the fees got booked after the deadline on the TUB bank account, a late fee (19,94 €) has to be paid.

You must upload proof of your degree with your re-registration to your TUB account (tuPORT). The following proof is accepted:

  • Certificate of performance (automatically generated and valid without signature.) - with the final grade and date as well as the statement that you have completed your degree
  • Preliminary certificate of completion or 4.0 certificate issued, stamped, and signed by the Examination Office (no 4.0 certificates from examiners or the faculties!)
  • Degree certificate
  • Degree entered in SAP or QISSOS

One-time application for an extension / Admission Exemption

Should you not be able to do so as a result of circumstances beyond your control, then you have the option to apply during the first degree semester for an extension for the sole purpose of applying for a further semester. No further extensions can be granted.

You can find the "Application for extension of provisional Master's enrolments" in your TUB account (tuPORT) in the app "My request".

One-time goodwill arrangement: Students who are provisionally enrolled in their second degree semester in summer semester 2021 can submit one additional (second) request for master’s enrollment under reserve of revocation together with the reason for their request. Your explanation must thoroughly and clearly state why you are unable to submit the necessary proof. Please include any supporting documents together with your request and explanation. This goodwill arrangement only applies to re-registration for winter semester 2021/22.

If you are not granted an extension, you will be exmatriculated from the master’s program and will not be able to apply for the same master’s program as a re-registrant until after you have successfully completed your bachelor’s degree. When doing so, you may only apply for the next higher semester. When applying as a re-registrant for the next higher degree semester in a master’s program with restricted admission, you are additionally required to provide proof of sufficient credit points to qualify for this semester (30 ECTS per completed degree semester).

It is not possible to re-enroll if you are not able to complete the program within the standard period of study.

It is not possible to be assigned to a higher degree semester during the period of enrollment under reserve of revocation (as per Section 9 (4) AuswahlSa).

Provisional enrollment is only possible for master’s programs.

Part-time studies are excluded when enrolling in a master’s program under reserve of revocation.