I A - Office of Student Affairs
I A - Office of Student Affairs

Application for Master’s Degree Programs

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Applying for the First Degree Semester

Do you want to apply for the first degree semester of a master’s program? If you acquired your first university degree from TU Berlin or another German university, you can directly apply to us. If your first degree is from a foreign university, you have to apply through uni-assist. Learn more here.

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Applying for a Higher Degree Semester

If you have already continued to study after your first university degree and have earned credits, it is possible that you can take up studies at TU Berlin in a second or higher degree semester. Further information about lateral entry or re-registration at TU Berlin in the same degree program can be found on the following page.

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Continuing Education Master’s Programs

If you wish to apply for a continuing education master's program, you must have completed a first university degree and periods of professional experience. These programs are a form of advanced qualification and, in part, are designed for working professionals. There are often specific regulations and application deadlines for individual master's programs. Be sure to make note of these when applying.

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