Environmental Microbiology

Professorial Advisory Service

If you have specific questions about the implementation of your studies, exam advice or individual courses in the Environmental Science and Technology degree, the professorial advisory service can help you.

If you have questions about the recognition of study and examination achievements that you have completed at other universities, the examination board is the right place to go. He is also responsible for approving extensions of deadlines. There are different chairpersons of the examination board for the bachelor's and master's degrees.

Further information on the respective requirements for recognition can be found on the relevant subject pages of the chairpersons.



Student Advisory Service

The student advisory service for the Environmental Sience and Technology course is one of the contact points for all prospective students and students who have general and specific questions about the course.

The student advisory service is studying  Environmental Sience and Technology itself and can pass on important information about the course, everyday study life, study organization and exam preparation. The student advisory service also maintains internal email distribution lists with useful information (such as job advertisements and open internships) and organizes events such as the introductory event and graduate farewell. If you have any questions about your studies, take a look at the website or come to the office hours!