Service Center Research Data Management

Forschungsdatenmanagement in Forschungsalltag und Projektanträgen

Online Workshop, 10 AE

The course is held in German.

Whether it is funding guidelines, good scientific practice or research data policy, nowadays researchers are increasingly obliged to practice sustainable research data management when dealing with their data. But what exactly is the meaning of this buzzword and how can sustainable research data management be implemented in practice?


  • After the course, you will be familiar with the different aspects of research data management and will be able to apply basic practices in handling research data in the different phases of your research process.


  • Based on the existing guidelines for research data management, we will cover tips, tricks and tools for a sustainable handling of research data in the different phases of the research process.

Target group

  • Researchers who want to manage their research data efficiently, sustainably and in accordance with the requirements of funding and sponsoring institutions.


  • 7,5 hours


  • Once per semester


  • The course is free of charge for all employees, lecturers, enrolled doctoral students of the TU Berlin as well as junior scientists of the HU Berlin, FU Berlin and Charité. Participation of persons who do not belong to these groups is possible with costs.

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