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Sharing Research Data

Why share data?

There are several reasons why research data should be made openly accessible, if possible. One is to make research more transparent and the data easier to find and understand; another is to enable other researchers to reuse the data.
Sharing research data also has major advantages for you:

  • You add citable publications to your research output.
  • Your article will be cited more frequently if the research data upon which it is based is openly accessible.
  • You can use other researchers’ data for your own research.

What is a repository?

A repository is a special platform for archiving and publishing data. It is different to other publication channels (e.g. websites or annexes to articles) in that it has specific functions that make it easier for others to find and reuse your research data. Repositories can be discipline-specific, interdisciplinary or institutional.


You can make your research data openly accessible via DepositOnce, TU Berlin’s institutional repository.

To do so, you upload your data set and provide a description of the data using the metadata form. The DepositOnce team then checks the data set and publishes it.


  • Open access publication of your research data
  • Guaranteed archiving for a minimum of ten years
  • DOI assignment
  • Findability in search engines (e.g. BASE, Google Dataset Search, OpenAIRE, etc.)
  • Versioning
  • Extensive help and explanation texts
  • Support from the DepositOnce team


  • TU account
Students in the central University Library of the Technische Universität Berlin © Philipp Arnoldt

One-one-One Advising

Not sure if DepositOnce is right for your needs? We are happy to advise you on any aspect of data sharing.

Paragraph sign in front of a stack of papers © Andrej Popov

Legal Aspects

Compliance with data protection and copyright law when sharing data

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