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Planning Data Management

Thinking about how to handle research data in advance of a project makes your work easier during the research process. You can clarify many questions in advance with the help of a data management plan.

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Our tool TUB-DMP supports you in creating your data management plan. TUB-DMP helps you to find answers to the questions of planning, implementation and management of research data.

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Storing Research Data

If possible, use the TU Berlin infrastructure to store your research data. It offers a portfolio of services that fully meets the requirements of IT security and data protection.

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Structuring and Documenting Research Data

Many tools and services for structuring and documenting research data are already offered centrally at the TU Berlin. In addition, a large number of useful open source tools exist.

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Publishing Research Data

You would like to make your research data openly accessible? We advise and support you in publishing your data, e.g. in the institutional repository "DepositOnce" or with other platforms for sharing research data.

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Repository DepositOnce

The institutional repository of TU Berlin allows you to make your research data publicly available along with your text publications.

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