Service Center Research Data Management

SZF Projects Funded by Third Parties

We work and consult closely with researchers to ensure that research data management activities at TU Berlin meet its needs - now and in the future.

We are always open to collaboration - in projects funded by third parties, for instance.

If you have an idea for a joint project, please do get in touch.

Current Projects


(DFG, duration: 2018-2024)

Research data center for audio-visual data collected in qualitative social research

Completed projects


(BUA, duration: 2021-2023)

Concept development for collaborative research data management services in the Berlin University Alliance


(DFG, duration: 2020-2023)

Research data management procedures and measures for individual faculties and special types of organizations (information in German)


(DFG, duration: 2016-2021)

Workflow and infrastructure for supplying publishers’ scientific publications to open access repositories (information in German)


(German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, duration: 2017-2019)

Generalizable strategies and solutions for research data management (information in German)


(DFG, duration: 2015-2019)

Open Repository for Research Data in Acoustics

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