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Apply for a single study room (carrel) in the Physics Department Library

Applications for single study rooms (carrels) in the Physics Department Library are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

Requirements for a single study room (carrel) application:

  • You have a library card
  • You are a student at a university in Berlin

Allocation of single study rooms (carrels):

  • Single study rooms (carrels) are allocated for three months.
  • TU Berlin students writing a final thesis are given priority.
  • If the number of applications exceeds the number of single study rooms (carrels), you must submit proof that you are writing an academic thesis when you collect the key.
  • All applicants will be informed by email whether their application was accepted.

Additional information:

  • The single study rooms (carrels) are located within the interior of the library and are open at the top to allow for ventilation.
  • Each single study room (carrel) is furnished with a large desk, two shelves, and a corkboard.
  • They are also equipped with power outlets and a reading light.
  • Single study rooms (carrels) in the Physics Department Library are only open during the library’s opening hours



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