University Library

Single study spaces

Single study spaces

A large number of individual study spaces are available in the Central Library,  the Architecture and Art Studies Department Library and the Physics Department Library. A number of these study spaces are equipped with computers or monitors for connecting your own laptop.

Study boxes

Our study boxes are equipped with a desk surrounded by a privacy barrier allowing you to work uninterrupted and discretely. Prior reservation is not required to use the study boxes. Study boxes are located in the middle of the 1st and 2nd floors of the Central Library and the Physics Department Library.

Silent reading room

A silent reading room with 24 seats is located in the Horticultural Library on the first floor of the Central Library. This area is intended for individual, quiet study. Please use the group study rooms or leave the building if you would like to talk with others. Laptops may not be used in the silent reading room.

Single study rooms (carrels)

In the Central Library, you can book individual study rooms by the hour.

In addition, single study rooms (carrels) are available in the Central Library and Physics Department Library and can be reserved for writing academic theses. This includes: Diplom, Staatsexamen, bachelor’s and master's, as well as doctoral or Habilitation theses. The carrels are allocated for 3 months.

Apply for a single study room (carrel) in the Central Library

Apply for a single study room (carrel) in the Physics Department Library

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