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Group Study Rooms

How do I reserve a group study room or workbay?

To reserve a room, two TU or UdK students (student 1 and student 2) must successively sign in with their personal login.

  • TU students should log in with their TUB account.
  • UdK students should log in with their library card number and password.
  1. Pre-reservation: Student 1 logs in, selects an available time frame, chooses the exact time they wish to use the room, and enters student 2’s ID number. Log out.
  2. Reservation: Student 2 logs in and clicks on the pre-reserved time (in light blue) and changes the pre-reservation to a reservation by clicking “Vormerkung bestätigen.” Log out.
  3. Cancellation: Student 1 or 2 logs in, clicks on their reserved time, and deletes the reservation.

All rooms and workbays are always unlocked, so that you do not need to collect a key first.

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Group study rooms - Location and features

Central Library

Group study rooms for 4-8 persons

Features: Computer workstation, whiteboard (markers and erasers are available in the room)

Maps:  Room 111 | Room 202 | Room 302


Group study rooms for 2-4 persons

Features: Computer workstation, whiteboard (markers and erasers are available in the room)

Maps:  Room 212h | Room 312h | Room 412a | Room 412d


Reserve a group study space

Workbays - Location and features

On the first floor of the Central Library you will find the UB lounge with workbays. These semi-private group study spaces accommodate 2-4 people.

Workbay location

Reserve a workbay

Group study rooms without a reservation

Central Library

A group study room for 32 people is located next to the Copy Center. Several groups can use this room at the same time without prior registration.


Physics Department Library

To the right of the entrance you will find a group study space for18 people with 2 chalkboards where several groups can work at the same time without prior registration.


  1. TU Berlin and UdK Berlin students with a valid library card may reserve group study rooms. Other library visitors can use a free group room or workbay, but must vacate their seat if it is reserved. Reservations have priority.
  2. A pre-reservation will expire if not changed to a reservation within one hour.
  3. Only three reservations per week are possible. A group may only reserve one room or workbay per day.
  4. Group study rooms and workbays can only be reserved for four hours.
  5. Group study rooms and workbays can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
  6. A reservation will expire if the room/workbay is not claimed within 30 minutes after the start of reservation.
  7. The small group room 212 h may be used by students with disabilities at short notice without a registration who wish to work with a helper. Other users, including those with reservations, must then vacate it.
  8. Group study rooms and workbays are not locked at any time, including during work breaks.

Please observe our Room Regulations.

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