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Please complete and submit the form to arrange a training date for your TU Berlin group or class. We are happy to tailor the online course and adapt the content to your group’s needs. Please be sure to include the desired duration, e.g. 20-minute introduction, 90-minute course, or a half-day or whole-day workshop.

We are also happy to get in touch if you are not a member of TU Berlin.

Possible topics

Introduction to TU libraries
We visit your lecture or seminar and provide a brief introduction to the TU Berlin libraries. This includes information about the different locations, library card, and using the Knowledge Portal Primo.

Strategies for finding resources 
We present different forms of literature and how to access these as well as share information about our delivery services. We can also assist you with developing your own search strategies for specific topics.

Specialist database 
Based on your topic focus, we provide information about different specialist databases and Internet portals and help you develop a strategy for finding resources.

Reference management 
Introduction to and use of reference management programs. Which program is most suitable for me (Citavi, Zotero)? How do I use reference management programs to correctly cite? How can I efficiently integrate reference management programs into my writing and research process?

Open Access and Publishing 
We are happy to give a presentation to your working group or academic chair on the topic of Open Access. Central themes include copyright rules in scientific publishing, Open Access publishing and self-archiving, and Creative Commons licenses.

The University Library is happy to answer your questions about bibliometrics

Research data
If you have questions about managing research data, please contact the Service Center Research Data Management (SZF)

For school students

All of our courses for school students are being held online via Zoom or WebEx until further notice.

Target group: This course is oriented towards students in grades 11 and above who already have a topic for the fifth examination component of their Abitur.

Duration: 120 minutes


  • How does a university library work?
  • How do I search and find books and other media?
  • How do I find resources in any of the Berlin libraries?
  • How can I better use Google to improve my search? Where can I conduct a more targeted search?
  • How do I evaluate Internet sources and know which are trustworthy and reputable?

Our concept is designed to introduce students to initial search strategies and criteria beyond a simple Google search.

Students will search for resources using their topic as a starting point.

This Tutorial on finding resources and writing is an excellent resource to prepare for the course as well as review afterwards.

Were you unable to find a suitable online course? Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for in the field “Desired course content.

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