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Fit for Literature Search - Actionbound

Are you just beginning your studies and need textbooks? Are you about to write your first term paper or already starting your thesis? Get to know important features of the TU Berlin's Knowledge Portal Primo and find out how to quickly search and find literature.

This new bound in the app Actionbound sets you different tasks for literature search. The guide is split into three sections “Specific literature search”, “Topic literature research” and „Databases and Interlibrary Loan“, so that you might easily choose the content which is relevant for you. Your progress is saved automatically – so you can take a break at any point and continue the bound later.

Participation:  Free of charge & anytime without registration

Duration: 30–90 min.
Depending on which sections you play.


Install the app Actionbound on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet):
App Store (iOS) 
Play Store (Android)

or borrow a device from us. Registration in advance at kurse(at) is required.

Use the direct link to the Bound and click on "Start bound"
or find the Bound in the Actionbound app by searching for „Fit for Literature Search“.

Please note: Please be aware that the Actionbound Privacy Policy applies. Persons under the age of 18 require a letter of consent from their legal guardian to participate in Actionbound.


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