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Campus Licence for Citavi

The Technische Universität Berlin has concluded a campus licence agreement with Alfasoft GmbH for the software "Citavi – Reference manager and Knowledge Organisation".
Employees and students of our university can use this licence for studying, teaching and research at work and on all personal computers.

Download, instructions and further information

All information about system requirements, download and licence conditions of the software can be found on the ZECM pages.

Pre-sets file

With the help of the Citavi pre-set file, you can transfer some of the pre-sets directly into your Citavi version. For example, the Knowledge Portal Primo and other important Berlin and supraregional catalogues are pre-set.

Installation of the pre-sets file:

Step 1: Save the Citavi settings file on your computer

Citavi settings file

Step 2:Import the settings into Citavi

  • In Citavi, click the Tools menu.
  • Select "Import settings".
  • Click "Browse" to select the settings file
  • Click on "Next"
  • Select which settings you want to import
  • Click on "Finish"

Short import tutorial

Continued use of Citavi after leaving the TU Berlin

If you leave the university or, contrary to expectations, the university does not renew your license, you will need to purchase a private license to continue using Citavi. We recommend that you back up your data early and, if necessary, import it into another reference management program. (Note: The "Citavi Free" edition has been converted into a thirty-day trial version by the new software provider QSR International).

Citavi Courses and Advisory Service

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