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Library Rallies Using the Actionbound App

Are you just starting out as a student and would like to know what the University Library has to offer apart from books?
Perhaps you need a course reserve or textbooks for a seminar.
Or maybe you are about to embark on your first term paper or even your final thesis.

You can use the Actionbound app to make rallies through the University’s libraries and find out about the services on offer. You can also find out about and try out our library catalogs, databases and search tools for conducting thematic searches.

It’s up to you which topics you want to explore and at what speed. Just choose the rally that interests you and set out on your tour whenever you are ready.

Duration: 30-60 minutes per rally
Participation: free & anytime without registration

If you have any questions while completing a rally, staff at the Information Desk in the Central Library will be happy to help.

Borrowing iPads

iPads are available to take part in the rallies.

Where? Information Center 1st floor of the Central Library
When? Mon-Fri, 9-18:00

To borrow an iPad, you need to present your library card or your TU Berlin student ID. By borrowing an iPad you agree to the terms of use.

Our Actionbounds

© UB TU Berlin / D. Grahl, CC BY 4.0

First Steps in the Central Library

Get to know important places in the Central Library of the TU Berlin and find out how to search for and find literature quickly. This service virtually guides you through the Central Library with the app "Actionbound".

© UB TU Berlin, CC BY 4.0

Fit for Literature Search

Find out how to quickly search and find literature, how to order books and papers via interlibrary loan and how to search for papers in databases.

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