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Services for Your Leganto List

Do you require a specific title for your course that isn’t available in the library? Do you need an article scanned from one of TU Berlin’s print periodicals? Would you like the library to review your entire Leganto list? Do you have questions about your list?

You can submit service requests, such as purchase, scanning, and review requests, to the library from your Leganto reading list. You can also communicate with the library via the list.

You can

  • Submit requests to the library for individual titles (via tags and scanning requests)
  • Send the entire reading list to the library to be reviewed and processed

Purchase requests, course reserves, and scanning requests

  • Purchase requests: If you tag a title in your list with “Purchase request ebook” or “Purchase request printed book” (via the pop-up window or the tag button), the library will try to acquire it. Once your purchase request has been fulfilled and newly acquired titles and issues are available, we will update your reading list.
  • Course reserves: Titles tagged with “TU Course reserves” will be made available in the course reserve at your academic chair’s respective library.
  • Scanning requests: If you submit a scanning request for a title, we will scan articles from periodicals as well as book chapters from the library’s holdings in accordance with copyright law. We will then upload the scan to our server and link it in your reading list.

Full review of reading list

When you send your reading list to the library for review (via the button “Library review”):

  • We will process all tags for purchase and course reserve requests as well as scanning requests (see above).
  • We will also check
    • All books/monographs in the reading list for more recent editions and e-books in our library catalog (Primo) and recommend these if available (via “Suggestions”)
    • All links in the list to ensure they link to relevant content/websites, are correct and intact, and fix these if necessary
    • All uploaded files to ensure they adhere to copyright regulations and are visible to students

Communicating with the library

  • You can communicate with us directly from your reading list via “Library Discussion” or use this email address for inquiries: leganto(at)
  • We will also use the “Library Discussion” function to inform you of any issues, such as if a title is not available in our holdings, and clarify any questions.
  • We also use this feature to inform you when we are finished reviewing your reading list.
  • You will receive an email if e-books you requested for purchase have become available.
  • The subject librarians will inform you if we were unable to purchase the requested e-book or physical book.

Publishing reading lists

The library does not publish your reading list once it has been reviewed. Please remember to make your reading list visible to students or the public by clicking “Publish list.”

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