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Leganto FAQs for Instructors

Do you have questions about Leganto? Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not included here, please contact us at leganto(at)

In addition to these FAQs, we offer an ISIS self-study course with detailed instructions on how to create Leganto reading lists.

What happens when I click on "Library review"?

By clicking on "Library review", your reading list will be sent to the library and reviewed by library staff. We check each item on the reading list based on the following aspects:

  • Library holdings: We check if the books have been correctly linked to our library holdings. If there is a newer edition in the library holdings, we add it as a suggestion. For printed books, we additionally check if we also have the e-book and link it. 
  • Links: We check all links in the list to ensure they link to relevant content/websites, are correct and intact, and fix these if necessary.
  • Service requests: Purchase and scan requests are reviewed and processed. Scans are usually uploaded to the reading list after 2-3 working days. If titles are to be placed in a course reserve, you can tag them "Course reserve." We will then place the title in a course reserve in the library corresponding to your academic chair.
  • Copyright We check all uploaded files to ensure they are compliant with copyright regulations and are visible to students.

For further communication we use the library discussion.

At what point does the library suggest titles to me and why? Where can I find these suggestions?

As part of the library review, we will suggest newer editions and e-books of print titles, if available. Suggested titles can be found to the right of the reading list below the library discussion. You can drag and drop the titles directly into your reading list.

In Leganto, how do I suggest a book for purchase?

If you would like to request a title for purchase, please add the tag "Purchase request printed book" or "Purchase request ebook" to the corresponding title in your reading list.

Who pays for purchase and scan requests?

If the library approves a purchase request, it will cover the cost of the purchase.
Scanning requests are a free service provided by the library.

Where can I find the names of the collaborators?

Typically, the collaborators will be the same as the instructors. If you are logged in to Leganto, the names of the instructors are displayed next to the list in the upper right hand corner. Without prior login, the names of the instructors will not be displayed.

If the reading list has been published without restrictions, it can also be searched in Primo (under "only Reading Lists / TU Course Reserves"). To view the reading list in Primo, you can search by either the course title or the instructor's name. However, the result will only contain the name and the code of the reading list. The names of the instructors are not listed in Primo.


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