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Create reading lists easily - using Leganto

Leganto enables instructors to quickly and clearly organize literature and information resources in ISIS. Instructors have been able to use the tool and create reading lists directly on their ISIS course page since winter semester 2021/22.

Do you have general questions or are you interested in using the tool with the library's support? The University Library is happy to assist you with using Leganto. Reach out to us: leganto(at)

Why Leganto?

  • Consistent creation and presentation of reading lists across the University
  • Directly integrated into ISIS
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integration of books, online articles, websites, videos, and other media
  • Easy access to literature and information resources
  • Clear information about each resource's location and availability
  • Ability for instructors and students to interact

What are the benefits for instructors?

  • Add literature from different sources easily
  • Send purchase requests and scanning requests directly to the library from Leganto
  • Properly observe copyright regulations by using Primo's resources and the additional option to have your reading list reviewed by library staff
  • Communicate easily and directly with the library
  • Collaborate with others to create reading lists
  • Transfer lists to the following semester

What are the benefits for students?

  • Makes reading lists more manageable
  • Offers direct, easy access to literature and online resources
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Contributes to better learning/study success

Leganto Basics (English subtitles)

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Help & Instructions

Classes and Consultation

Classes and Individual Consultation on Demand

Are you interested in Leganto and would like to learn more? In addition to regular beginner sessions, we also offer classes for groups and individual consultation upon request.

Please send an email with your preferred date to leganto(at)

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