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Terms of Use for Licensed Electronic Media at TU Berlin

All rights, in particular the rights of use and exploitation under copyright law to the media and information services are the exclusive property of the respective providers/publishers.
The electronic media offered by TU Berlin through its licensing contracts can be used by authorized users. These include:

  • Members of TU Berlin: Enrolled students and all employees, with an employment contract or other contractual arrangement with TU Berlin (such as professors, research and teaching staff, and other personnel)
  • External users of the TU libraries who have a valid library card or who visit the TU libraries and access electronic media using a visitor workstation

These authorized users are permitted to conduct searches themselves and copy a selection of the researched data (e.g. bibliographic datasets, abstracts, and journal papers including full texts and excerpts).

Systematically downloading data - such as entire volumes - is not permitted. Additionally, you are not permitted to create your own private archive as a reserve.
The use of special software (robots, spiders, crawlers) to download material is not authorized. Authorized users may only permanently store this data or make paper copies (download and print) for their own personal or scientific use.Sharing data in part or full, whether via an electronic storage device, data transmission or paper copies, providing third parties with access to the saved data, as well as commercial distribution are prohibited. Any translation, adaptation, arrangement or other transformation is prohibited, as is any public reproduction, performance or display.

Failure to observe the terms of use for electronic media may lead the provider to suspend access for the entire university.

Please note that users will be barred from further access to our electronic services in the event of confirmed misuse.

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