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Using Electronic Resources

Online resources licensed by the University Library, such as e-books, e-journals, and databases, can be accessed from the library’s computers and via the eduroam WiFi network. Members of TU Berlin (students and staff) can access online resources licensed by the University Library from home using a VPN or Shibboleth. Unfortunately, it is not possible for any other users to access the media from home. All other will find a selection of free online resources here.

On campus - at computer workstations

TU Berlin online resources

  • In the Central Library: basement level and floors 1-3 
  • On the TU Berlin campus, including the department libraries: within TU Berlin’s IP network (only available to members of TU Berlin)

UdK Berlin online resources

  • In the Central Library: only on the 4th floor
  • On the UdK campus: within UdK’s IP network (only available to members of UdK)
  • Please note: TU Berlin students can only access UdK licenses on the 4th floor by using the ubuntu operating system.

On campus - using your own laptop

TU Berlin online resources

  • via the eduroam WiFi network (regardless which university you register through): in the Central Library (on all floors) and on the entire TU Berlin campus

UdK online resources

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

TU Berlin online resources

When TU Berlin members use VPN access, their computer is assigned a TU Berlin IP address. After this access has been configured, you can log in with your TU Berlin account and access nearly all of the University Library’s electronic resources from anywhere. 

Please note: The library's electronic resources can only be accessed via the server "" or via the server profile "2-TU-Full-Tunnel".

Instructions for setting up VPN access through TU Berlin 


UdK Berlin online resources

Members of UdK can access UdK online resources from home via VPN and sometimes Shibboleth.

Shibboleth (Single Sign-on)

TU Berlin online resources

Many publisher platforms offer you the option of accessing their online resources and content using the Shibboleth authentication service. Shibboleth is web-based and also used at TU Berlin for other services such as ISIS and webmail. This means you do not need to install additional software on your computer. Many of the online resources licensed by TU Berlin have only recently become accessible via Shibboleth. To learn which resources this includes, go to Publisher Platforms with Shibboleth Access.  

Information from TU Berlin about Shibboleth

Shibboleth login for e-journals and e-books

  1. Click on the full-text link in the Primo Knowledge Portal and go to the respective publisher platform.
  2. You can find the Shibboleth login by clicking the login link on the page. Sometimes it is called “institutional login”, "login via your institution” or something similar.
  3. Select Shibboleth login.
  4. Select TU Berlin (you may need to pre-select “German Higher Education and Research” or “Deutschland [DFN-AAI]"). You will then be taken to the TU Berlin login.
  5. Log in with your TUB account.
  6. If you are unable to find TU Berlin in the list, it is possible the publisher does not offer Shibboleth access to TU Berlin members. Please refer to the Publisher Platforms with Shibboleth Access for a full list of publishers offering Shibboleth access to TU members.
  7. Your Shibboleth session will automatically end when you close the browser on your computer.

Shibboleth for databases

Databases which can be accessed using Shibboleth are identified in the DBIS (database info system) with the icon “AS” or “S” as well as linked under the heading “Other licensed access: Access for TU-members outside of the TU Berlin IP network (Shibboleth).“ 

Overview of Shibboleth-enabled databases in DBIS

UdK online resources

Members of UdK can access UdK online resources from home via VPN and sometimes Shibboleth.

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In the library you get WiFi access via eduroam.

Free Online Resources

...are available to all users free of charge and without restrictions. Find a list of platforms with free literature and our tips for searching for Open Access resources.

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