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Computer Workstations & Software

Computer work stations

There are about 300 computer workstations in the Central Library. These are divided into two types:

  • Guest access to search in catalogs and use other special offers of the University Library (limited Internet access). These workstations are located on the ground floor.

  • Unrestricted access to search in all of the University Library’s online resources and the Internet.
    These workstations are located on floors 1-4 as well as the basement level.

Hardware features: Front-facing USB ports

Further information about using the Internet at the computer workstations


The following programs are available at the computer workstations:

  • LibreOffice for word processing
  • Citavi Web Version

TU members who sign on to Windows can also access the following programs:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics Premium
  • Matlab
  • Zoom
  • Citavi 
  • Zotero
  • Microsoft Office

Monitors for your own laptop

The Central Library is equipped with 24 stations with monitors you can connect to your laptop. Access is limited to those programs and storage options on your own computer.


  • 1st floor: on the right next to the stairs in the back in monograph area AP, VGA cable connection
  • 2nd + 3rd floors: next to the elevators (monitors are also equipped with a keyboard and mouse), VGA and DVI cable connection

You can borrow DVI-HDMI adapters on the 2nd and 3rd floors and adapters for VGA-USB (type C) on floors 1-3.

Citavi Campus License

Citavi is a Windows-based software for reference management and knowledge organization. Members of TU Berlin can use Citavi free of charge. Instructions and further information can be found here.


EndNote, a reference management software, offers a number of features and is available both as a desktop and web version. Members of TU Berlin can purchase EndNote at a reduced price.

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