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Kiepert-Unibox Bookstore

The Kiepert-Unibox bookstore at Fasanenstraße 88 offers the following services Monday to Friday:


You can purchase or borrow padlocks for a fee for the daytime lockers in the Central Library.


  • To purchase: starting at 7.50 euros
  • To borrow: 1 euro plus a 10-euro deposit (You must return the lock by 18:00 or no later than 12:00 the following day)

If you would like to buy a padlock when Kiepert-Unibox is closed, you can purchase one from the library’s security service.


  • All books published by the TU Berlin University Press
  • All publications of UdK Berlin
  • Important semester resources for economics/business, mathematics, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, philosophy, sociology, German studies, and music
  • Overnight orders for books in stock 
  • Search for unusual titles, such as foreign or out-of-print books
  • Second-hand academic books, such as humanities titles from Suhrkamp Verlag for 50% of the original price
  • Travel literature, maps, and guides to Berlin/surrounding areas

Other items

Padlocks: starting at 7.50 euros

USB sticks: 9 euros

Audio CDs (GEMA protected): 1.50 euros

Earplugs: 2.50 euros

Writing materials (pens, notepads, postcards, etc.)

Building BIB
Room Foyer
Address Fasanenstr. 88
10623 Berlin
Opening hours lecture periodMon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00
Opening hours lecture-free periodMon - Fri 10:00 - 17:00

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